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Some random Corpse Party Plot Bunnies

Which I will never act out, I think because I don’t really have a plot…yet again. But I felt the need to simply write them down so yeah.

Kizami always wanted a younger sibling that follows his every word or that he could bully like he wanted? Kurosaki has a little sibling. Granted, you aren’t little, you are a year or two younger only and get along with your big brother greatly. You adore him, he adores you, you two are brother and sister so sweetly it makes Kizami in all these years he has known Kurosaki and you sick. But you are just the kind of sister Kizami would have wanted, loyal to the bigger sibling, innocent and clueless.
Innocent and clueless, huh? Boy is he wrong. When Kizami stabs your big brother to death, you of course stick to Kizami, not knowing anyone else in that dreaded cursed school. However when you find out it was him that killed your brother, you snap, and a bloody deliciously dark deadly romance of hunting and being hunted begins between Kizami Yuuya and you. Until either of you is dead. Or both.

Yoshiki loves Ayumi, who loves Satoshi. Naomi also loves Satoshi, and is secretly crushed on by Seiko. Then there’s Yuka, too, who has an unhealthy adoration for her brother. Satoshi however is in love with you. Love Dodecahedron, much?
Needless to say, such chaotic relationship values only get worse when you all are thrown into a cursed school that is after everyone’s pain and blood. It doesn’t help that the school tries to coax Naomi and Ayumi (and possibly Yuka as well) into betraying you to get Satoshi. And you think the school hexes your friends to kill you because you might just be the only one with a hidden power who could get everyone out alive and therefore maybe the most serious threat to the school’s curse…

I always wondered how funny and devastating too it would be to have you as the love interest of Satoshi, who is chased by two other girls (three, if you take Yuka’s brocon crush). True, Satoshi MIGHT have feelings for Naomi but he only realizes it in an Wrong End…and I have so much fun imagining a clueless you, a Satoshi hopelessly in love with you and jealous girls Ayumi and Naomi and Yuka around you. Poor Yoshiki. (And I like Ayumi. Despite her very yandere/clingy jealousness in one Wrong End.)
As for that hidden power thing you have…let’s just say it’d be fair to give the victim side some advantage in an otherwise hopeless place. You aren’t almighty because of that either. 

Why am I even going into so much details when I’ll never write this, anyway…

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Well not really because the plot bunny isn’t really a PLOT than it is a BUNNY.

Anyhow. You, dear Reader, are a girl Sinbad picks up when he starts out his fateful journey. For some reason or another he really grows fond of you and raises you, like you are his dearest sister and as if you were related by blood. (Thus, there’s most likely no Sinbad/Reader unless really platonic). That’s just your lifestory because the focus would lie on you being the Sindrian Princess. Simply called that because, well, you are the woman most important to Sinbad, on sibling-status and since Sin is the king, why not make you the princess? (A hot one at that. Be assured that your cupsize is bigger than Pisti’s, but okay, that’s not difficult, even I have a bit more than her…I think.)

And that’s when I say IT’S MORE OF A BUNNY THAN A PLOT. I have no real idea where this is going. It’ll start with you searching for Sinbad when he is in Balbadd (in the Alibaba-Balbadd-Arc), cover that half-a-year time skip and maybe some random interaction between Kou Empire and you.

Pairings? I really don’t know. Judal and you maybe? Alibaba and you? Everyone and you platonically at the very least. Everyone and you shiptease probably. Kouen and you, maybe? Kou Empire and you? Whatever, I leave that undecided first.

And what about the genre? I can say it’s crack, funny, random, useless. You are the strangest princess ever, a bit of a trickster, a carefree idiot, hyper and lazy at the same time, waaaaay too cheerful. You aren’t even hiding a dark and troubled past, either (or don’t really remember it, that is), and dark and troubled stuff just makes you even sillier. So yeah, no idea if this would ever get a serious plot, for now it’s crack, humor, random and BUNNY and less PLOT.

So what happened to the FF and that other RI about Magi? Yeah well… *runs away* (See, I write what I feel like writing on and sadly it’s rarely things I really have to write on.)

Anyway, here’s a tiny excerpt on that crack reader insert: 

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More Plot Bunnies yay

Or more like, what happened to all the others? Err, they are sleeping.

New fandom new plot bunnies! …not quite. I have none for K and don’t plan on writing anything there until everything is revealed bc tight plot and way too many characters to grasp properly after only 6 episodes.

I have one for Magi, but as Fanfiction more than Reader-Insert. 

The Fanfiction will have Aladdin as protagonist (not much difference with the series itself then). It will deal with slavery, erotica, harem, hints of gayness (or pure gayness if I plan to make it JudalAladdin in the end idk), shota/pedohilia. NONGRAPHIC. Because I suck at such things. But dark enough, I guess? Trying to keep Aladdin a virgin and not breaking him too much will be a challenge.

I don’t really like/stomach shotaporn or -rape well. Ironically enough I was inspired by a set of doujinshi (or their samples because they are sold out and no scans anywhere) that has poor Aladdin as uke and, uh, Judal and Ren Kouen and Ren Kouha as his seme (technically the circle calls the doujin’s pairing Aladdin/Royal Family OTL). And lemme tell you, it is RAPE. Shota rape. Uke Aladdin is really uke, really really poor guy sobs. And Judal is kinda ok, Kouen is fucking evil sexy and Kouha is kjhdgsfvswhjkfblsfgsu yandere nleiufgwsfhbladgbs yaaaaaaandereeeeeeee.

Worst thing? I want that shotaporn collection. Sobs, whyyyyy. It’s so prettily drawn but it’s really PWP I think and poor Aladdin aaaaaargh. I still want them. And the circle (I stalked them yes) will soon release more of Aladdin-Uke, as they call him. Why. Did. I. Find. Out. About. It.

Second, Reader-Insert. Uhm. I’m working with something random. Yeah.

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Mini plot bunny about Kiseki no Sedai/Kurobas harem (Reader Insert)

…I should be learning for my exam on Wednesday. So many presentations to go through, so many facts to get straight (damn Japanese History and Japanese Study), and all the kanji I need to learn for those two subjects OTL


So yeah, I dreamed two days ago about a harem situation of the reader in the middle of the Generation of Miracle (Kiseki no Sedai). And fuck I wanna write it. AND THEN I SAW WHAT THE KUROBASPLUS TWITTERBOT POSTED LATELY AND MY HEART CAN’T TAKE IT. …And Akashi and Aomine are such beasts o_O (Not that you hear me complaining, though /shot)

So, reading the KuroBa novel now to get known to Kiseki no Sedai more, so I can get the facts right (I like to have the facts right if there are any), and damn, I will bring in the twitterbot situations because they are so precious!!! MY FEELS♥

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…about that excerpt

I usually like to write humorous, stupid, soemwhat serious but mostly trolling stories. Well, they have romance they have angst. But this story takes the icing of the cake with angst. I don’t even…

It’s because you, reader, are such a good person, putting Annie before yourself, before everything and everyone else. But the result is your self-pitying. And sadly, I don’t see a good ending in this. I am sorry. I wish I did. Maybe I’ll make an alternative ending. In which this becomes possible: (another excerpt of the first chapter)

He lowered his head and your eyes involuntarily slid down his nicely shaped, full lips that were closing in on you. They moved and he whispered quietly, barely an inch away from your lips, “…do you think they would let me get away with polygamy?”

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Mermaid Tear 1 Excerpt

"Will you come with us?" he asks, trying not to sound too neutral but since you two don’t know each other, he can’t exactly act chummy.


"No." You could live here by yourself. In your Victory house, a place you have frequented to make sure if really Annie isn’t there, to cry to your heart’s content without anyone seeing in Annie’s room. Catching fish and finding edible fruits and plants from the forest nearby isn’t difficult and since you survived the Hunger Game, you know how to survive on your own.


The man’s bows furrow. “Are you sure? Finnick Odair is with us-“


"No." Because he is the reason you don’t want to go.


"…he was asking about you." He must have heard your tone changing at the second no, must have noticed him stabbing a sensitive spot. But if he thinks this is making you change your mind, he is wrong.


"Asking about me to ask about Annie Cresta."


He hesitates. “Well, yes, he did ask. Said you two are as closer than blood siblings can be-“


"She isn’t with me. Tell him that. I failed to save her from the Capitol." Your voice cracks. You turn away to wade into the water again.


But his hand snatches out and he has a firm grip on your wrist. “You tell him that personally. It is cowardly to run away, do you know that?”


You know, and you so want to lash out at him, not wanting to take shit from him, not wanting to show any weakness. But you see scars on his skin, burns, and you are reminded that District 12 had it far worse, it was completely gone the night they took Annie. Still, he doesn’t feel the pain you do, the despair, the hopelessness.


But who are you to compare someone’s pain with someone else’? Pain and joy, it’s individual.


You don’t understand, though, why are they so intend on getting you to join them?


"You are a victor. I am not exactly sure what District 13 plans but you are still some people’s favourite in the Capitol." As in, you would be a fine piece in the game of chess. "And Finnick…" Your chest hurts at his mentioning. "He is no good. Next to Annie, he mentions you. He needs someone."


Next to Annie. You’d always be second. But you came in terms with that a long time ago. Why does it hurt now? Right, because you feel like you didn’t put up enough effort to protect Annie and feel guilty, as guilty as if you had stolen Finnick from her but that would never happen, he doesn’t feel the same. And you should stop pitying yourself.

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Plot Bunnies

…again, this time about The Hunger Games trilogy.

Concerning Finnick. Sheesh, I tried not liking him but a plot bunny never cares about that. So what if Annie, whom Finnick likes has a sister, or a girl whom she’d perceive as a sister and trust her and triangle stuff and whatnot. Dunno if Rea-chan would be a winning tribute or a normal District 4 girl and whether she will be whisked away into the Capitol at some point but that would make more sense if she was a winning tribute and asdfghjkl so much to think for a simple plot bunny.

And another plot bunny (with no love interest so far unless you want me to break up Katniss and Peeta) would make you, Rea-chan, the granddaughter of President Snow. Hurrhurrhurr. The best part? You’d be actually a rebel. Muahahaha.

And I really like Johanna~

EDIT: I did something stupid and went on TVTropes. Damnit. I shouldn’t have read about Annie, knowing now that Finnick and her will be a happy couple …before he dies. Damnit. Now I know the story, no matter how short, will be angsty. But for that I need to finish the third book first.

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Plot bunnies

Because of THIS:

…kindergarden!Izuru. Why so cute? Now I want to write an RI with him and some others turned into children because of the Eclipse’ power and Rea-chan and some others having to take care of the kids.

And Rea-chan of course cradling little!Izuru in her arms in bed. …and while he sleeps, he would call for his brother. ;A;

…I could either write an one-shot, separate entirely from my continuous RI I am writing or….make it part of my Apho RI to make Rea-chan and Izuru grow closer.

And I have another plot bunny regarding Hinata Sanjuuro as the partner. Making Rea-chan have the copy-character, so she can copy any character she encounters at will, well, depends on her developing skills. but I have yet to decide if I use 擬する(gi(suru)/ 擬すgi(su); to imitate, copy, mimic; also to press a weapon into someone’s back/aim a gun) or to use 模す(mo(su); to imitate, copy, mock, replace, also to trace, to forge and to search). Both give so many different possibilities to use the seal….♥

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Into The Endless Sky 8 - Excerpt

Before you can jump him or stomp away in a fit of anger (really, you are so moody again, and no-one can blame you…you think), Kyoko intercepts again. “Well, since you get along so well already, I am sure you’ll appreciate having more quality time with each other. I’ll leave you now and maybe see you occasionally in the city.”


As she is leaving, Suzuya speaks up before the odd back-and-forth from before can continue, “looks like they are distributing the rally instructions. The busses seem to be waiting outside already.” He smiles gently. “Let’s do our best.”


"But of course." Kazuki smiles confidently.


"My thoughts exactly." Azusa also nods with a confident smile.


No reply from you. Suzuya carefully asks, “{Last Name}-san?”


"Just…{First Name}…is fine.” You turn around, looking sullen, “b-but only because you are in my class, Touzuki!”


"…so then, {First Name}-san?”


"…" You rub the back of your head with a little pout, looking to the side bashfully. "…let’s get over with this already."


Suzuya smiles. So do Azusa and Kazuki, shaking their heads. You are really, really complicated, maybe the best example of a complicated girl despite you yourself claiming to be anything but a typical girl.

—> Lunaescence

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Born To Die 1 Excerpt

Outside a waning but yellow-glowing moon is shining.


To say you are afraid is not correct. You are quite terrified. Your heart almost suffocates you, your breath bordering on hyperventilating. You don’t notice you are starting to panic until you hear your breathing melting into small, breathless gasps. You are shaking all-over and feel dread fill you.


What is this place? Is this a dream? If so, you want to wake up now. This feeling of abandonment and loneliness, not knowing where you are and what is there with you is nearly killing you. You like playing horror games even though you are afraid of them. But being in something this scary just kills you…


The shuffling is closer now. You bite your lower lip and scramble to your feet, placing a hand onto the wall and backing away. It is dark, so you only see a bit thanks to the big (but waning) crescent moon.


The hallway is straight so you can only back away from that approaching something. It goes well, you keep distance to that shuffling until you hear shuffling from behind you as well.


Your heart skips a beat, chills after chills run down your spine and render you immobile. Holy shit this is really like a survival horror game, just much, much more realistic and thus worse.


You barely dare to turn your head. There is something moving to you in the shadows, you can only make out shapes that are too odd to describe and too odd for you to match it to anything you know.


The growl in front of you causes you to shriek and turn your head, looking at something that looks like a dice with rings around it and floating birdlike creatures with…lanterns. On the ground there are slime-like blobs with masks as faces and they seem to eye you. At least they stopped.


You back away but then you hear a shriek from behind and turn around, spotting a stone statue that somehow moves closer ominously.


You barely contain a cry. This is too much, your heart can only handle so much. But everything remains quiet despite a few cries and growls there and your shaking self between the two parties. …maybe they are eyeing ach other and you are totally unimportant? Yeah, maybe you can sneak away from them, they haven’t harmed you yet, after all, maybe you don’t even see you-


You make one step with the attempt to escape – and then all hell breaks loose.


The shone figure swings its massive arms at you and you barely avoid behind hit by rolling away from it on the ground, but closer to the other party now. The birds throw fire at you and you can feel the burning flames missing you because their aim is lousy but the heat made you sweat. What the dice does is beyond you but you feel a heavy force plunging you harshly into the wall. You gasp for air, want to cry out in pain but all you manage is a chocked shriek. Then it is over but you feel like they broke all your bones.


They are closing in on you and you have the bad feeling to be trapped. Also, is that death fear that is eating you away? No, you don’t want to die like this! You don’t want to get desperate, either, you have to move-


So they didn’t break any of your bones. You look around frantically, figuring out that you cold try sidestepping the slime-blobs , jump over them and run the hell away and so you try it and almost succeed…until the blob grabs into your foot and makes you fall fat onto your face.


The pain is terrible but instead of dwelling on it, you try pulling free your leg with a cry, noticing a few minor cuts when you are free of the slime’s grab, bleeding a bit but that shouldn’t be a problem, jump back to your feet and run as fats as you can. You see more of the blobs and dices and birds and statues and whatever there is and whenever you do, you turn on your heel and try another direction, another turn, another twist until you are completely lost (not that you haven’t been before already), completely out of breath and at your wit’s end. You don’t know what this is or how you got into this mess, you don’t know how to get out of it and what the hell this is. You only know that this is unlikely a dream because damnit the wounds are burning, your throat is sore and dry, your chest and body is aching already from lack of stamina and you feel like fainting.


There is a change that if you faint and lose consciousness now you would escape this…something. But there is a good chance of you becoming the perfect prey and you don’t want to take any chances, so you force yourself to continue, limping now because the wounds are really, really hurting and you might have twisted the leg before as well and you are tired and goddamnit there are more blobs and dices.


You force yourself to run around the next corner and in that moment a gust of wind, strong like you have never experienced a gust of wind before, knocks you into the wall and you are out cold.